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FACT:  Happy employees are way more productive.

Elliott Carlson has always been in the "service" industry, giving back in one way, shape or form.  He began his career as a musician and then transitioned into teaching small kids and adults. 

After moving to NYC he became immersed in the nightlife scene and literal "service industry." As a bartender, he was frequently the life of the party... and it was here that he developed his first experience with addiction and the dark side of "functional" substance abuse. This chapter would last 15 years. After becoming an owner and opening 2 bars in NYC, he realized that the he did not want to "star" in this movie anymore... he could see how it ended. 

So, he moved to LA and became immersed in health and wellness. Through extensive training and self development he was able to "get present" (sober) and that was the catalyst for his development of his " Addiction and Identity" work... the study of how addictive behavior is sustained and fed by the Identities we create for ourselves. The ability to let go of our addictions directly correlates to our ability to re-write our stories, to lay down our old Identity and to pick up a new one, through embracing healthy daily habits and thoughts. 

Aside from addiction/identity talks and programs he also works with the following subject matters:

  • How to rewrite bad habits with productive ones and break the habit loop.

  • How to set and achieve goals, personally and professionally.

  • How to view change as a motivator and not a threat. (Great for sales teams etc.)


Elliott has successfully coached over 200 individuals to transform their lives,  and has conducted workshops and presentations for such high-profile Socal groups such as :

GreenbergGlusker, Honeywell, Moog, Molina Health Care, Aerospace Corp, Henkel, and The Natural History Museum. He also manages his weekly, wildly popular blog ( where he shows people how to eat right and adopt better habits.


Whether through private one-on-one coaching or in a group and corporate setting, Elliott is always helping people re-write their stories, re-program their brains with healthy daily habits and achieve goals they never thought possible. 


Reach out to see what he can do for you and your group!

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