the edible stoke


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Elliott Carlson 

began cooking in his mother's kitchen at an early age. His career in hospitality would soon grant him access to NYC's amazing culinary scene, where his knowledge and passion for cooking quickly grew.


Shortly before he left NYC for LA, he was introduced to an amazing super-food program. He went from feeling like a “ 6” to a “ 10” in 4 weeks, flat. He was sleeping better, had long lasting energy and razor sharp mental focus. He was 42 years old, and for the first time in his life, had a 6 pack. It was a game changer for him and it didnt take him long to start sharing it with others.  


Elliott has coached over 200 women and men - of all ages and sizes - to success using this program.

Whatever your goals are, he can help you
reach them.

The “stoke” in surfing is that point when everything lines up…
the right place, the right time, the right wave

When this happens in “real” life, we call it serendipity, synchronicity, in the flow, or in the zone. It’s about being in the moment, being present and the product of this is pure joy. Happiness. Stoke.


When we talk about an edible stoke, we talk about how to eat so that our body, mind and spirit line up, much like a board, a rider and a wave do.  When you eat right, your body is clear, your mind is clear and suddenly your spirit is a little more clear (to you.)

Its not a diet, its a lifestyle. There’s longevity and sustainability here. Eating right leads to thinking right and ultimately, feeling right.


Life starts to make a little more sense. It begins to have meaning. You begin to feel your purpose again. You see your wave, you paddle, you go down the line. It all starts with a bite (and a wave.)


Stay stoked, my friends!


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