Joanne: Doesn’t have time…

Tonight I celebrate my amazing girlfriend. She’s always been massively successful helping other people realize their dreams, and so when she came to me asking “about this program” I knew she would absolutely crush it. So happy to see her loving it. In her own words: “I am the kind of person that will just wake up one day decide to do something different. So a little while ago, I said to my boyfriend, “OK this is the week I’m gonna start your program.” As you can see I had some pretty great results from the program. I’m down 11 lbs, a few inches, smaller clothes and best of all I feel like I have brighter skin! So yeah this program is not just for losing weight - there’s a whole other set of benefits from the all nutrients in the products - which after 40 I feel we could all use! The results haven’t come easy, but as they say “nothing good comes easy.“ I have been dedicated to the process which includes some hot yoga and amazing motivation coaching from Elliott. I’m a single mom with two boys with NOT a ton of free time. I think the biggest hurdle of starting a program like this is that in your mind you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for this. “ Ironically, this program has given me MORE time by just giving me a game plan for my meals for the week. I wasn’t great about eating regularly, because I didn’t have time for that either! Truth is I always had a lot of energy, so for me that wasn’t the issue. Do I have MORE energy now? The answer is YES, of course. Along with losing weight the other benefits have been that I feel more confident, I seem to make more clear and conscious decisions and best of all I just FEEL more; I feel more present, I feel more confident, and I feel much more in control of my overall health. Seems like a pretty good ROI to me. Something I always say to my boys, “why settle for ordinary when you can get extraordinary?”

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