Kelly: Larger weight loss goal - 85 lbs!

Congratulations to Kelly on her journey through cleansing and better lifestyle!!! Freakin’ killin’ it! Here’s what Kelly has to say about her journey: “In March of 2016 I went to see my doctor, annual well check. 😥 I was extremely obese. I was pre-diabetic, and depressed and my doctor wanted me on medication. Metformin and Antidepressants. YAH! 💊 NO, I was not excited, I was actually even more depressed. If that wasn't bad enough, my labs told a tale all there own. I am not the best patient, the meds did not last long, I didn't like the way they made me feel. Fast forward a year and a half to September 2017. Are you kidding? No, I had not been back to the doctor, my thoughts were, why would I want more bad news. I had gained even more weight, tired, exhausted was more like it. Seriously I could not even go up and down stairs without pure exhaustion and a great deal of pain. This is when Nutritional Cleansing entered into my life. I was at the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

We are now heading into September 2018, I am down 86 pounds. I feel fantastic. I love life, eating healthy, and exercise. I may have lost 86 pounds, but what I gained was something far greater than I expected.

Two weeks ago I made my annual well check visit to my doctor. My lab work was drawn and my doctor was awed by my changes. Hearing his response when asked how I am sleeping at night, or how I am eating and even about my exercise routine, was priceless.

Everything else was right in range where they were once way off. The best thing I gained was this:

"Your lab results are excellent, noting your normalized A1C (blood sugars), normal liver functions, kidney function, electrolytes and excellent lipid panal showing a very nicely low LDL/bad cholesterol, a long with other low cholesterol. You made my day yesterday. Keep up with the happy" This was a personal message from my doctor. Yes, I cried! it was tears of joy.”

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