Tired, exhausted Mom

Ever felt like Lisa? "It started with a challenge, newspaper in hand to mark the date. It started with a burning desire for change 🔥 A desire to regain my identity. I felt empty, exhausted and pretty lost inside... but i knew that I was in there somewhere, waiting to fill up and shine again! Being a Mum is the most AMAZING role in the whole world! Nothing, no words, can describe that kind of love and joy 💗 Lets be honest though...you pour, pour, pour and sometimes, that cup just runs on empty. How can you pour anymore, from your empty cup? ...You cant. But you still do, somehow. You feel guilty, wishing you had more to give to your babies... Every day you wake, to begin your uphill battle and you feel like you are getting nowhere. Youve forgotten about the things that once lit you up 🔥your passions , your fuel, your desires.... your needs and wants... Well Mumma, the secret is YOU! It all starts with You. The most selfless thing you can do, is be a bit selfish... Fill up YOUR cup! Feed your family with the overflow. Nourish your body, take time for the things that make your cells come to life!"

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