Let' face it. You're gonna be grilling on Sunday or Monday. But it doesn't have to be the same ol' burger/hotdog/too-well-done steak routine. Change it up! And... make it healthy so you don't feel like a sloth on Tuesday morning! Here's a quick recipe that I love. It's 30 day approved - as are all my recipes - which means you can enjoy it knowing you're feeding your body with the right blend of macros (protein/carbs/fats).

Healthy Chicken Tacos

These healthy chicken tacos are suuuuuper easy to do, always a big hit with your friends and taste amazing! They won't make you feel sluggish and tired so you'll be able to hit the waves or the yoga mat soon after!

Check out the recipe here:

What you'll need:

- Free range, cage-less chicken breast

- Red Quinoa

- Romaine lettuce stalks, or endives work well here too

- Cilantro, cherry tomatoes, red onion and hummus

- Olive oil

- Herbs De Provence or any grilling spices you prefer.

What you do:

1. Rub the chicken in olive oil and your spices. Don't be shy. This is pure flavor here.

2. Set on the grill on high, but make sure to watch when to move to smaller flames. You want a little char, but not too much.

3. While the chix is grilling, separate the Romaine stalks and spread some hummus on top.

4. Put the red quinoa on the stove. In the meantime, halve the cherry tomatoes, chop the cilantro, dice the red onion and mix all together in a bowl. Squeeze some lime juice on there and add salt and pepper to taste. When the quinoa is done, mix together with the bowl!

5. By now the chicken should be ready. Remove from grill and let rest. Slice length wise.

6. Take your romaine stalks and pour the quinoa/tomato/onion/cilantro mix onto the stalks. Top with the beautifully grilled chicken slices and add hot sauce or salsa of you choice one top!

7. Go shopping for bathing suits bc you're gonna look GOOOOOOOD this summer - if you keep eating like this!

Remember, most of my clients will release 12-20 lbs on their first program, and they keep it off. Got questions? I got answers! Reach out!

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