Healthy Employees Are More Productive

There are a million things that make a corporation successful, employee health is on top of that list. It is easy to identify a healthy organization from one that is not and that, therefore, receives the definition of toxic organization. However, today there are companies that care more for their employees and who care about something beyond meeting the needs of their customers.

Showing the label of being a "healthy company" is fashionable. For years now in the United States, companies have been promoting and financing initiatives aimed at improving the health and living habits of their workers with the premise that a healthy employee is more productive, yields more, and now these wellness programs - the so-called corporate wellness - are being implemented.

What is a healthy organization?

This definition is used to identify those companies that have moved to the next level in terms of how to organize their environment. More and more companies are trying to fit into the healthy profile. Healthy organizations have a leader and a group of division chiefs who know that maximizing productivity implies, before doing so, providing the greatest welfare to workers. Maintaining an optimal healthy factor in company benefits and improves many of its main features. It can be proven by reducing the level of stress at work, increasing the confidence of employees and improving the organizational behavior of any type of entity and of course, taking care of your employees by offering and organizing weekly calmness, exercise, yoga, and even nutritional plans. The positive effects that occur as a result of this, not only cover the office environment and employees but also have the ability to be noticed among the clients of the organization and even by society in general.

It is hard to imagine that all the members of a company that have not yet decided to adopt a 100% healthy profile are satisfied and happy with their work. It is always advisable to offer a pleasant environment that is represented by well-defined and selected jobs and make sure to organize healthy sessions based on personal and physical training. This helps to reduce stress and increase the commitment and satisfaction of employees, which ends up in the fact that they will perform at a higher level of productivity.

Companies that encourage healthy habits grow

From preventive medical tests to offering a 'coach', a trainer and a dietitian, employees should be offered a gym at the workplace with exercising facilities to make it easier to practice physical activity during the day. Also, introduce economic incentives such as heart-healthy menus in the company dining room, napping rooms, circuits for kilometers and stretches inside the corporate building, free weekly consultations with a health and wellness speaker a personal coach, or a dietitian, classes for relaxation, free gym, muscle strengthening exercises during the working day, early detection tests for colon cancer, sports equipment, fruit offer in vending machines or flexible schedules are examples of the many and varied initiatives that are beginning to offer the companies to their workers.

Improve motivation and performance

People work according to the lifestyle that the company leads, we will be more or less healthy, physically and psychologically, and at the end of that, it will depend on whether we do our job or not. Yes, there are companies that have been working for years to promote the health of their staff, but now the interest in welfare programs has intensified because there is a greater concern for unhealthy lifestyles, because there are many workers who suffer stress and as a result perform poorly in stressful situations.

All in all, maintaining a healthy environment in the company not just results in better productivity, but collectively results in low stress levels for employees in the company.


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