What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan?

Looking for a diet plan in 2019? You’ll probably find a lot of them with the same strategy. Every year the same information on weight loss nutritional meal plan abounds on the internet. The problem is that so much information generates confusion about which the best diet to lose weight is. If you are on a diet in 2019, we tell you what 5 of the best diets to achieve your goal of losing weight. These diets are the best diets for 2019.

# 5 - The Weight Watchers Diet

Perhaps the success of the Weight Watchers diet plan can be found in the face-to-face or online support of other people who have managed to lose weight with this regimen. The plan offers about 200 foods and each one has certain points, to collect a daily score. It also reduces saturated fats, sugar, and favors the consumption of calories.

It is a flexible plan because you can consume any of the foods on the list as long as you do not exceed the daily score calculated based on age, sex, weight, and height.

# 4 - The MIND diet

The MIND diet takes the best of the Mediterranean and DASH but prefers foods that benefit brain health, to prevent conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's syndrome. In general, it consists of eating at least three servings of whole grains and vegetables during the day, as well as an optional glass of red wine, since it has been shown that this beverage can be good for the brain. The seeds are also fundamental in this regime and the legumes twice a week. Cranberries are recommended, fish once a week and birds twice a week. It is cooked with olive oil.

# 3 - The flexitarian diet

In short, the flexitarian diet consists of being a vegetarian most of the time, and occasionally indulging in a hamburger or steak. Although ethically it may not be consistent, this regime suggests that by consuming more fruits and vegetables than meat, overall health will benefit.

For those days without meat the egg or vegetable proteins, like legumes, substitute the consumption of animals. It also prefers whole grain flours and reduces sugar. Although the best thing is for a nutrition professional to suggest a specific plan, the Flexitarian diet breakfast usually includes 300 calories, 400 lunch, 500 dinner and two snacks of 150 for a total of 1,500 calories a day.

# 2 - The DASH diet

Particularly, this diet is recommended to take care of cardiovascular health and control blood pressure. It is characterized by eating foods low in sodium, eliminating saturated fats, meats and fatty dairy products, as well as sugary drinks and sweets. Instead, it's about eating vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy, much like the Mediterranean.

You have to eat fruits and vegetables at each meal during the day, try to eat as little meat as possible, avoid the use of salt in the preparation, prefer whole meal flour over white flour and walk at least 15 minutes after lunch or dinner.

# 1 - The best: the Mediterranean diet

There, is no such Mediterranean diet. When we talk about the Mediterranean diet in general, reference is made to the consumption of certain food groups’ common in that region. What you should eat are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, herbs, spices, olives, and olive oil.

Fish and seafood should be consumed a couple of times a week and foods such as cheese, yogurt, and poultry, in moderation. Red meats and sweets are allowed only on special occasions. Not being a structured diet, a professional must calculate the number of calories you should consume according to your age, activity and general health conditions to lose weight successfully.


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