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The following testimonials have all used this program to great success.

Marissa C:  Bride to be!


On March 5, 2015 I started my nutritional cleansing journey. At that time, was feeling completely emotionally broken. I had no energy, and I was really bummed when I went to try on wedding dresses knowing I wanted a certain style for my dress, and it just wasn’t flattering on me when I tried it on. When I looked in the mirror in that bridal salon I couldn’t believe what I saw and that I wasn’t able to fit in my regular size dress. I am humbled and thrilled to say I rocked a dress two sizes smaller than the first one I tried on at the salon (with three rounds of alterations to keep making it even smaller!), and released 25 pounds and 40 inches for my wedding. My energy increased, I feel happy and alive, and my mental clarity improved.

Natasha: Not so much weight loss,
just a bit of toning


Check out Natasha Murray 🔥🔥🔥🔥

She said it best:

"Side effects of nutritional cleansing... natural energy♥️ natural and sustainable weight-loss♥️break addictions♥️ deeper sleep♥️ clear skin and eyes♥️ improved digestion♥️ happier and healthier♥️ no more cravings!"

Are you ready to feel this good too?

Bree: Fat burn and athletic build


If you let the program do its thing, you will see results. All Bree did was just live the lifestyle. No crazy tracking of calories or afraid to celebrate. She just lived in it and she did awesome. Congrats Bree you look great!

Rob: Just a little more definition


Celebrating one of the guys tonight!! Rob was already in good shape but took it to the next level!! Him and his clients have gotten tremendous results and are continuing their healthy journey.. In his words....

Brendan’s All Vegan muscle transformation


Vegans unite! Tonight we give a big shout out to Brendans Vegan Journey! Our line is simply amazing: 24 grams of pea and brown rice protein with 26 different vitamins and minerals! Just add water! Congrats Brendan!

Joanne: Doesn’t have time…


Tonight I celebrate my amazing girlfriend. She’s always been massively successful helping other people realize their dreams, and so when she came to me asking “about this program” I knew she would absolutely crush it. So happy to see her loving it. In her own words:

Kelly: Larger weight loss goal - 85 lbs!


Congratulations to Kelly on her journey through cleansing and better lifestyle!!! Freakin’ killin’ it!

Here’s what Kelly has to say about her journey:
“In March of 2016 I went to see my doctor, annual well check...

Christal: Flat belly and abs!


Open up and say abs!

Your #transformationtuesday is Christal looking and more importantly, FEELING amazing!!!

#Nutritionalcleansing looks good on you kid. 

Elle: Pre and post natal program to help your body bounce back!


Elle had her 3rd baby 12 weeks ago and I'd say she's looking FABulous! 

She started our Nutrition Program 15 months ago and fueled her body with great nutrition throughout her pregnancy. Healthy duo there Elle, congrats!

Adrienne: Firm and toning


Adrienne nailed it.

Lisa: Tired, exhausted mom


Ever felt like Lisa? 

"It started with a challenge, newspaper in hand to mark the date. 
It started with a burning desire for change 🔥 A desire to regain my identity. 
I felt empty, exhausted and pretty lost inside... but i knew that I was in there somewhere, waiting to fill up and shine again! 

Robert: Down 110 lbs!


Wow!!! Robert is down 110 lbs!!! Looking and feeling fabulous!!! Awesome job!!

Elliott (me!)



This is my teammate Elliot and he not only did amazing on our 30 day system, but he decided to take it up a notch with our new performance line. You can obviously see in the last picture it worked wonders!

And my all-time favorite!

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